• Portugal: Lagos to Lisbon

    Portugal: Lagos to Lisbon

    Let’s be honest…there is something about booking a trip last minute that just makes the experience that much greater! My best friend was booked and ready for her trip to Portugal, and invited me to join her 3 weeks before departure. It didn’t take much to convince me. A few days later, everything was booked… Read more

  • BC 2017

    BC 2017

    BC 2017 This year, my Mom and I decided to take a little vacation together and road trip to Vancouver, British Columbia, our neighboring province. Now, we may be neighbours…but Canada is a big country, and driving to Vancouver is no short drive from Edmonton. We had a 12 hour road trip ahead of us,… Read more

  • Bali & Philippines 2016 | Travel Vlog

    Bali & Philippines 2016 | Travel Vlog

    I felt like this day would never come….the day I successfully uploaded my travel videos. I’ve been attempting to edit this bad boy for far too long. I filmed it using the Kaiser x150 (which proves to be a good camera but also not the greatest quality for anyone who is wondering), which I bought… Read more

  • Moved by Mountains

    Moved by Mountains

    Two weeks ago my friends and I took a little drive down to one of my favourite places to be, Banff. For those who haven’t been, Banff is a little ski town in Alberta. It can be quite touristy, but the tall, year-round snowy mountains that surround you absolutely takes your breath away. Nothing can… Read more

  • Welcome!

    Hello everyone, and welcome to my new blog! A little about me to get started, my name is Amanda. 22 years of age, and a Canadian from Alberta. I’ve always been interested in writing and travelling, and to be honest I should of started a blog a looonngggg time ago since i’ve always wanted too.… Read more

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