Hello everyone, and welcome to my new blog! A little about me to get started, my name is Amanda. 22 years of age, and a Canadian from Alberta. I’ve always been interested in writing and travelling, and to be honest I should of started a blog a looonngggg time ago since i’ve always wanted too. But it’s never too late, so here I am!

I didn’t want to generalize my blog into just one topic as I really just wanted this to be a place I can write whatever my little heart desires. However, what content you’ll normally be seeing on here is stuffed based on travelling. Posts from different countries and advice to stuff from my own backyard here in the Northern Border.

I just came back to Canada after living in Australia for a year, so I will be posting a lot about that most likely. Especially the transition coming back home, which has been an experience for me. But from time to time I will be writing lifestyle topics, or personal posts.

I hope you guys find some help or entertainment in my content, and feel free to write any comments asking me questions or anything you may want me to write about! I may have some questions for you too. For example:

Have any of you lived somewhere abroad? Let me know!


3 responses to “Welcome!”

  1. Yay excited to see what you’ve got
    Coming! X


  2. darshanakoirala Avatar

    Hey Amanda! Its nice to virtually meet you! I also live in Canada – but I’m based in Toronto. I’ve been wanting to visit Alberta. Hopefully soon! Excited to see your blog posts – just gave you a follow upon discovering your blog. I’m looking forward to your travel posts!


    1. Thanks! I’ll check out your blog as well 🙂 Alberta has beautiful Rocky Mountains!

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