Bali & Philippines 2016 | Travel Vlog

I felt like this day would never come….the day I successfully uploaded my travel videos. I’ve been attempting to edit this bad boy for far too long. I filmed it using the Kaiser x150 (which proves to be a good camera but also not the greatest quality for anyone who is wondering), which I bought back at JB-HIFI in Melbourne, Australia last year.

Now, the camera did crap out on me during our time in the Philippines, so unfortunately I didn’t get everything there nor any footage in New Zealand. But to be honest, the rest of our time in the Philippines was us laying on beaches or drinking our faces off in Borocay.. but i’ll touch base more on that later. New Zealand on the other hand, it did suck not having the camera. But i’ll just have to show you via photos instead.

Now that you know all of that clearly important information (unless you just skipped it…) heres the video!

BALI LOCATIONS: Kuta, Ubud, Uluwatu, Semiyak, Gili Trawangan

PHILIPPINES LOCATIONS: Cebu (Boljoon/Oslob), Bohol (Panglao island), Borocay

Thank you for watching 🙂 x

EDIT: Sorry guys, had to re-upload video with a new song as I experienced the copyright issues… oops…

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