• 5 Reasons Why You Should Travel Solo

    5 Reasons Why You Should Travel Solo

    Travelling solo for the first time is by no means an easy experience — at least for most. There are a lot of nerves that come with exploring a foreign city or country completely alone. But, I am here to tell you that solo travel is something everyone should experience once and that it is… Read more

  • The End of a Decade

    The End of a Decade

    Hello, lovelies! I hate to follow the trend of the typical end-of-the-year reflective posts…but what can I say, they are a guilty pleasure of mine. But this post isn’t about what I’ve learned this year or a list of my 2020 goals necessarily. This post is about the bigger picture. So buckle up! Let’s start… Read more

  • How To Save Money For Travelling as a University Student

    How To Save Money For Travelling as a University Student

    Hello, lovelies! As a full-time university student, it can be a challenge to try to save money for travelling. However, with some conscious thinking, I promise you it can be done! Here are some helpful tips to help make your travel plans possible! 1. Cut out that drive-thru morning coffee Now I’m not suggesting you… Read more

  • Hiking the Rocky Mountains

    Hiking the Rocky Mountains

    Hello lovelies, As someone who lives in Alberta, Canada, I have the privilege of being a 3-4 hour drive away from the beautiful Rocky Mountains. To some, the drive may seem long. However, Canada is so spread out that to us that drive is not so terrible. A few months ago, my friends and I… Read more

  • The Magic of Hobbiton

    The Magic of Hobbiton

    As a massive Lord Of The Rings fan, a visit to Hobbiton for myself was non-negotiable. The experience was one of the first things I signed up for when I got on my Kiwi Experience coach!   The experience did not disappoint.     Since you’re reading this, I’m assuming you are wondering all about… Read more

  • A Day Trip to Sintra

    A Day Trip to Sintra

    Hello Lovelies! As mentioned in my last blog post on Portugal, we headed out to Sintra for the day while in Lisbon. Located on the Sintra Mountains, you get to take in this gorgeous city as you drive up roads that lead you to incredible views. Sintra is surrounded by pastel palaces and covered in a… Read more

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