The Magic of Hobbiton

As a massive Lord Of The Rings fan, a visit to Hobbiton for myself was non-negotiable. The experience was one of the first things I signed up for when I got on my Kiwi Experience coach!
The experience did not disappoint.
Since you’re reading this, I’m assuming you are wondering all about Hobbiton yourself. I don’t want to spoil too much for you, but I will give insight into my experience so you can judge for yourself.
When the coach pulled up, I was trying not to scream with excitement!
Tip: New Zealand can have temperamental weather, so we experienced sunshine and rain several times throughout the tour. Make sure you pack accordingly!
Upon arrival, a tour guide takes you around the small village and shares a ton of movie secrets/details about Hobbiton while filming of Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit. Some of the facts I had read online prior, but most of them were ones I’ve never heard before. Learning facts that I knew I would only learn by taking the tour made the tour more rewarding.
IMG_1728 3.jpg
Tip: For some of the hobbit homes, you can go inside to pose, but sadly there is not a complete setup Hobbit home. The homes that you can go inside only have 2 meters worth of space, but it still makes for great pictures.
At the end of the tour, you can enter the Green Dragon Inn and enjoy some food and drinks on large couches by the crackling fireplace. There is also Hobbit costumes inside to try on for pictures.
Overall, the experience was absolutely amazing. It felt so magical and surreal to be there. The amount of attention to every small detail is extremely impressive.
Tip: For those who may not be the biggest Lord Of The Rings lovers, we had a ton of people in our group who didn’t enjoy the movies, but they all said they were glad they did the tour as it was a really cool experience.
Now, I won’t lie to you…the tour is not cheap. The average price (depending on where you depart from) is around $84 NZD for a tour. That is roughly $76 dollars Canadian. But, I can promise you, it was worth every single penny. I would re-visit Hobbiton in a heartbeat, and I still find myself dreaming of that magical day

Have you ever visited Hobbiton? Do you have any tips and advice? Comment below!
Till next time!

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