5 Reasons Why You Should Travel Solo

Travelling solo for the first time is by no means an easy experience — at least for most. There are a lot of nerves that come with exploring a foreign city or country completely alone. But, I am here to tell you that solo travel is something everyone should experience once and that it is one of the greatest things you can do.

I have done my fair share of solo travel. My first trip was 2014 when I flew to Europe by myself and did a Contiki Tour. Since I was meeting up with a tour group I wasn’t totally solo, but it was a great way to break the ice on that experience. Since then, I have done a few solo trips, including moving to Australia for a year by myself!

At the airport, ready to move to Australia by myself – 2016

Is it Safe?

As a female, I was always very worried about my safety being alone. While I think you shouldn’t let fear stop your experience, you should always be making safe choices during your trip. Personally, my gut has never been wrong travelling, and it’s what I have listened to when there is an opportunity that I’m unsure I should take. That being said, it’s important not to trust anyone too much, and know the emergency lines for the city you are visiting just in case.

Visiting the Australia Zoo – 2016

What Are The Benefits of Travelling Solo?

1. The People You Meet

When you’re travelling with a friend or partner, everything you do is together, which can be amazing! However, because you always have one another, the interactions you have with others will naturally lessen as you have someone with you already. When you’re solo, you have no choice but to approach people in the hostel (or out in public/locals) and start talking to them. It can be intimidating, but remember that a lot of people in hostels are travelling solo as well and are looking for someone to hang out with! This makes meeting people much easier, and you will make so many new friends around the globe this way.

Personally, I have met some amazing friends while travelling solo, and many are still in my life today! I also have met some locals this way, and ended up visiting places that I never would have on my own. For example, I met a local Australian in Byron Bay and he took me to a beach not many tourists go see that was perfect for surfing and pointed out all the amazing food places that get overlooked in Byron.

2. The Only Opinion is Your Opinion

Now, don’t get me wrong, travelling with your girlfriends is a blast. However, I think we have all experienced a trip with our friends where no one can seem to agree on what they want the itinerary to be, or what they want to do that day.

The best part about solo travel…it’s only you! Do you want to see all the tourist stuff, or go off the beaten path and see how the locals live? That’s your choice! You call all the shots and can make that trip entirely you’re own and ensure you aren’t missing something you really wanted to see/do. It is incredibly freeing knowing that you won’t be missing a thing.

3. Your Plans Can Change on a Dime

By meeting new people constantly and calling all the shots, this means you are able to change your plans whenever you want! A lot of people think they will stick to their original plan, but I can promise you that your plans will change in some way when you solo travel.

4. You Will Learn More About Yourself

Because you are by yourself, you will naturally reflect and realize who you are and what makes you happy. You may decide to do something you never thought you would, or realized you only do certain things on vacation because your family does them.

Personally, travelling solo made me realize what was working in my life and what wasn’t, and ultimately made me sure in all the choices I’ve made that brought to me where I was in that moment.

5. You Will Be More Independent/Confident

You will quickly learn to become independent when you’re lost in a city and need to get yourself back on track, or when travel plans go wrong and you have a find a way to fix it. You will learn to problem-solve on your own, and with that, your confidence in who you are will rise. You will feel so good knowing you travelled to London all by yourself and owned that city!

During a layover in Cali, I decided to leave airport to go visit Venice Beach

Hopefully, after reading through this list you feel inspired to start dreaming/planning a solo trip! I want to see so many places that a lot of my potential travel buddies don’t, but that won’t stop me from travelling there myself. I hope this post provided some inspiration or gave you that extra push you needed.

Comment if you have any questions about solo travel or stories you wish to share about your own experiences!

‘Till next time,

Amanda x

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  1. ‘The Only Opinion is Your Opinion’ is the best in this article. Thank you 😊


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